Graded Readers 2019-20

2º Bach readers

1st Term: Of Mice and Men. Macmillan Readers

2nd Term: Agnes Grey Macmillan Readers

Resultado de imagen de macmillan readers agnes grey

1º Bach readers

1st Term: A kiss before dying. Macmillan

2nd Term: David Copperfield. Macmillan

Resultado de imagen de macmillan david copperfield

3rd Term: The Importance of being Earnest. Macmillan

4º ESO readers

1st Term: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Oxford Readers

2nd Term: The Hound of the Baskervilles. Oxford  Readers 

3rd Term: The Thirty-Nine Steps. Oxford Readers







3º ESO readers

1st Term: The Portrait of Dorian GreyBurlington Books






2nd Term: Midsummer Night’s Dream. Burlington Books



3rd Term: Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror. Macmillan Readers.


2º ESO readers

1stTerm: The Canterville Ghost. Burlington Books 


2nd Term: The Elephant Man. Oxford 1

Resultado de imagen de oxford bookworms the elephant man

3rd Term: White Death. Oxford 1


1º ESO   readers 

1st. Term:The House on the Hill. Macmillan. 

Black Cat

2nd. Term: The Phantom of the Opera. Oxford







3rd Term: Dead Man’s Island. Oxford